Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Zi's thumbnails, rough colors, and final sketch!

Hi everyone, here are my (very rough) sketches. I want to do something with buildings and robots/mechs.

Below are rough color sketches! My main ideas are two guys riding through some fantastic sci-fi city on motorcycles (first, third, and fourth sketch), two people with a large robot in the background (second sketch), two mechanics fixing up a robotic greyhound (fifth sketch), and people overlooking a fantastic city (last sketch). I'm going with the mechanic idea.

Final sketch: two mechanics repairing a robotic greyhound! The background will be very sci-fi themed, and will show one of those greyhound racing tournaments. I did the sketches and colors digitally but will print it out and use the final for gouache painting.

I had some trouble choosing a color palette so I looked at these two artists for inspiration!
Moebius https://www.dm.unipi.it/~alberti/files/autori/Moebius/Moebius-Metreon-2.jpg
Syd Mead http://speedhunters-wp-production.s3.amazonaws.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/01/31113021/Syd-Mead-016-1200x800.jpg

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