Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Sci-Fi Cover Sketches - Lee Bowen

Sorry these are just pictures, but the tech center was closed so I couldn't use the scanner. They're all color pencil and watercolor except for the final sketch. Each one approaches the idea of Egypt-themed sci-fi in different ways.
The God Egg. A time traveler (I call her Ferrance) accidentally lands in ancient Egypt. Ferrance's ship is damaged so she needs to stay a while until she can fix it; meanwhile, the natives think she is some sort of new god who has just been born (falling out of the sky in an egg). She's able to communicate because of her head implants enabling her to learn newly encountered languages, and she ends up in a romance with the pharaoh's daughter.

This is the final pencil sketch with some really light gouache to note the colors.

Old Flame. I wanted to do the cheesiest possible sci-fi romance between a researcher and the pharaoh she accidentally brings back to life by activating one of his two magical amulets.

Rebirth of the Gods, in which modern-day Egyptologists accidentally discover a secret cult working to resurrect ancient Egyptian deities. The woman is pregnant with Anubis' child.

Sand and Sky. I really wanted to do a futuristic Egypt with lit up pyramids, floating cities, and cyborg Egyptian deities and guards. Here, a noble woman is escaping from the floating capitals into the poorer areas of the city. Guards behind her are searching for the amulet that she stole in order to stop a conspiracy among the nobility. Clothes are hanging to dry between buildings to show that the poorer areas of Egypt do not have as much access to technology as the capital cities do.

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