Thursday, December 15, 2011

Boya Sun - Sumi Ink

Beka Burns, Found Object

Boya Sun - Soldier

Boya Sun - American Psycho

Yoon Hur, Sophomore Illustration 1, Fall 2011

Yoon Hur, Sophomore Illustration 1, Fall 2011

Ink - Adam

Footprint - Adam

Sleeping Beauty - Adam

Alessandra Sanguinetti - Adam

3D Assignment - Adam

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Rebekah Kirkman - Ink assignment

"The quay in Punta Arenas, carpeted with snow, jutted out like a dark shadow into the sea and the night. Beside it, the coastal cutter Micalvi was belching smoke, ready to depart..."
"The channel broke off for a stretch and the capricious waters of the Pacific rushed through, rocking the ship from port to starboard as it passed, before bursting on the coastal cliffs in a rose garden of foam."

Rebekah Kirkman - Footprints assignment

Savannah, GA; Providence, RI; Seattle, WA. mixed media.

Maria Schweitzer - Ink Assignment

"...waiting only for a group of gold prospectors who were on their way to Lennox and Picton Island to finish boarding. The creaking of winches mixed with the voices of men, a few drunk - they were wiser than me, using alcohol to give them the push they needed to go from one life to another"

Sarah Hepworth- Ink Assignment

sumi ink assignment


Rebekah Kirkman. The Royal Tenenbaums. scratchboard.

Sanguinetti Assignment

Rebekah Kirkman. watercolor.

Ink- Print