Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Matt Bogacki Jewelry Sketch

Crina Magalio Jane L jewelry sketches

 Crina Magalio Jane L jewelry sketches

Draft Sketches: These two were inspired by her quote: In my enquiry about sea anemones, I was particularly fascinated by the Zebra Colonial Anemone for its shape and distinctive black and white stripes as well as the detail of its hundreds of tinny tentacles. 

 Final layout and colors. 

These two were inspired by the location of the island and the ocean rebirth theme showing her overall concept of a strong woman integrated with the island's ocean environment.

Draft Sketches
 for the final sketches above

 Potato friend: brownie stealing

Visual Journalism

Lee Bowen - Jane Ladan Poster Sketches

The finished piece would be a clean style made of shapes in flat colors that would be easy to print and read more clearly. I wanted to focus on incorporating Mauritius imagery and colors, including the colors of the flag (red, blue, green, and yellow) and the colors of the water and coral reefs around the island. More and more, the figure is feeling less important, but I did enjoy creating her outfit, which mixes the many cultural influences on the island's fashion.

Here, the figure rises from the reef and the necklace is entwined with pieces of the natural coral. The subtitle would be text throughout the coral reef, and the artist's name has the colors of the Mauritius flag (so does the model's outfit).

Here, I wanted the shape of Mauritius to resemble a fashionable hat, but the idea is not reading so well. I prefer this one's subtitle as part of her hair. All text would be a clean off-white color.

Nicole Rogers_Jane Ladan Sketches

Venet - Ladan Sketches & Linocut

Zi's Jane Ladan Jewelry Sketches

Final chosen thumbnails:
Final sketch (still not sure if I'm going to do one or two models?)