Monday, October 31, 2016

Shaobo - Fashion Illustration Sketches (Valentine Gauthier/ Editorial)

Avani Dwivedi Fashion sketches

Jayde Xu Thumbnails for Fashion Sketch

"Orange Culture"


Concept art for Fashion Design Company Aisling.

Fashion Sketches

Still a work in progress.


Ivonne Manon LUVA HUBA poster proposition

Inspired by pinups of the characters specifically hilda.. I wanted to theme the advert in the fact that the lingerie lines are produced organically and are environmentally conscious
underwear nature meant it to be is the tag line I used.
I wanted to illustrate a garden scene, bringing the clothes to nature,.
I also wanted to illustrate a scene that was very romanticized to go with a pin up tradition, like gardening. I referenced the background a traditional "white picket fence" equivalent of a garden in England (the company is based in England) and replaced the plants with cacti, leafy plants, and succulents which brings a modern feeling that the company surely desires

I will be embroidering into the paper in a french knot style for the plants and the undrwear for the model

Image result for french knot plants

Sam Xu - Fashion Sketches

Orange Culture is more of a "movement" than a clothing line to designer Adebayo Oke-Lawal. He is strongly pushed by ideas of daring, self-expression, and synthesis of traditional Nigerian sensibilities with the look of modern Western streetwear. He describes Orange Culture as being for "self-aware, expressive, explorative, art-loving nomads"-- I wanted to convey those particular themes through editorial illustrations that emphasize the colorful wanderer style.

Mica Linz- Fashion thumbnails

Stylist: Luva Huva
Category: doll/toy

Eleanor Kim - Fashion Assignment Sketches

Stylist: Nancy Dee

For this project, I chose to make three posters for British womenswear label, Nancy Dee, promoting their eco-friendly, sustainable, versatile and vintage-inspired clothes.

Emily Rosenthal- Fashion Project (Nancy Dee/Concept Art)

Sarah Pilkinton -- Aisling Camps Editorial Sketches

Aisling Camps runs a line of light, Caribbean-inspired knitwear out of her studio in Brooklyn, NY. She was born in Trinidad, then came to New York to study engineering at Columbia University. At this time, she also began taking classes across the street at the Fashion Institute of Technology. She began to develop her work in knitwear and tried to get a fashion company to sponsor her Visa to stay in the United States. It was difficult to get sponsored as a fashion designer, and she spent a year back in Trinidad developing her skills on her machines. She was also inspired by an older designer to develop the Aisling Knits brand during this time. She won the green card lottery and came back to New York after about a year, and moved her studio to Brooklyn. Now she hand makes all of her garments in her studio, though the designs are largely inspired by Caribbean landscapes. Aisling's work is also inspired by her background as an engineer. Her work is meticulous and exacting, but at the same time, challenges what knitwear should look like.

Sunday, October 30, 2016

Lee Bowen - Fashion Poster Sketch

Poster design for the Orange Culture brand, using their slogan. The model is based on the designer and the model for this particular outfit. The character would be underwater.