Sunday, October 2, 2016

Little Red-Cap (Little Red Riding Hood) and Deforestation

These are the color sketches for my idea of little red riding hood (or red-cap, as she is called in the Grimm Fairy Tale) in a modern world setting. The story idea is as follows:

A young, wealthy girl who dressed in a beautiful red cap that was made of furs is tasked to visit her ill grandmothers house with gifts of lots of foods. She is told to follow the path, and so she set out on her way. She meets halfway with the wolf (a starving animal maybe?) that begs for food from her basket, but she ignores him. She picks some flowers, a valuable resource in the deforested woods and goes along her way. Meanwhile the wolf, hungry and without another option, breaks into the grandmothers house to try to find food. He hides himself among the clothes in the room, and red cap arrived to the cottage, she discovers the wolf searching for food and, with the aid of a passing huntsman, they slaughter the wolf, who had crept too close to people in search of food.

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