Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Crina Magalio_Sumi Ink Assignment 4 panels

Crina Magalio_Sumi Ink Assignment 4 panels
(Potato character image at the end)

Film: 8 - A Trip to the Moon - Le Voyage dans la lune - 

Georges Méliès: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_FrdVdKlxUk

Comic format

Techniques: Dry brush, splash/blotting, nib tool, paper towel blotching, shapes,
Large+small ink brushes, On canson bristol 96 lb. paper

Blotted on paper, Ink+fan brushes, On grainy heavyweight watercolor 140 lb. paper

Blotted on and nib pen, ink brushes, On grainy heavyweight drawing 93 lb. paper

Dry brush, On smoother Blick drawing 80 lb. paper

Thumbnails and sketches

Potato character project Image 1 of pip

Nicole Rogers_Sumi Ink

100 lb watercolor paper cold press (extremely rough), sumi ink, brushes, paper towel
Rice paper, sum ink, brushes

140 lb watercolor paper cold press, sum ink, brushes

90 lb bristol paper, smooth surface, ink pens, sumi ink, brushes
All the pieces together

Venet Ink

I did two versions because I wasn't happy with the first one came out, but now I don't know which I like more. 

version 1: