Monday, October 29, 2012

The Empty Bottle Sketches - NS

"The young man looks at him, more in sadness than anger. Understanding that the man is lost in thought and has no wish to be interrupted, he does not insist and continues riding in silence by his side searching for a thought of his own in which to lose himself."

The Empty Bottle sketch, Margo Sikes

Ink examples

Some images made by masters of black and white. Different ways to ink your drawings.

A good sketch should make easier your inking. Nevertheless, feel free to work in a more intuitive way by repeating the same image several times in order to to get a well-balanced image.
At first it's a little bit complicated when you ink images using pen nibs and brushes, but due to its full and loose effects it should give relief to your drawing (with a micro marker you will not get the same result).  For this assignment, please do not use: Micro marker, Photoshop, etc

Bernie Wrightson (from Baltimore)
At some point, Andreas and Francois Schuiten work the same way.

Moebius (Jean Giraud)
Max Hallinan (Mica Alumn)

Gustave Doré (woodcuts and engravings).

Frans Masereel (woodcuts).


Green Coffin sketches, Dongin Yoon

Green Coffin Sketch; Alexa Skotty

"Early one morning, his body was found in a little cave in the cliffs to the west of the port. On his face was the grimace typical of those who have frozen to death, his open eyes stared eastward, toward the mouth of the straits and the horizon where the masts of those old wandering ships-" (pg. 99)

Hope Llanso Sketch

"The lights had also come on inside the bar, as night had fallen without the sailors having realized it.  Seamen and fishermen were drinking noisily, and the air in the bar was thick with smoke from their pipes and cigars.  From time to time someone would put a nickel coin in the slot of a music box on the wall, and the chords of some old march, polka, or waltz would rise into the air with a great crash of drums and cymbals"

Sunday, October 28, 2012

"The Empty Bottle" sketch

Green Coffin Sketch- Mary Grace Corpus

kirsty hambrick - francisco coloane sketch

"they put the coffin down in a ditch on the outskirts of town, between the sidewalk and the road, hoping that their disrespectful act would not be noticed, and the four of them headed off in pursuit of the scoundrel who had taken it into his head to drink alone"

Five Sailors Sketch; Allison Mackey

Joshua Carter THE EMPTY BOTTLE Final Sketch one and two

Ink Project Thumbnails/Final Sketch Anderson

ink project (thumbnails and sketch for final) Jess Bastidas

"Foster was stiff with cold after the night he had spent on the storeroom floor, but the gin stopped his teeth from chattering, so he steadied himself with another glass before heading for the door," (Coloane 96).
"Foster wandered through the harbor like a ghost searching for another ghost...And, gradually he realized with horror that the sailor's superstition was coming true to him and that he himself was carrying the other ghost inside him, (Coloane 98)."
"His life became agonizing, unbearable. He wandered like a beggar from door to door, lighting fires in the morning in restaurants and bars in exchange for a piece of bread or a glass of aguardiente, (Coloane 99)."

the final fraft of ink, Kaiqi Gao

book cover of the 3d work, Kaiqi GAO

redo of the new yorker cover, Kaiqi Gao