Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Carina Venet SciFi Cover

Weird Tales


Final Sketch

Bradley Brea Cover Assignment

Noor El-Sherbeini Cover


STun_FANTASTICADVENTURES:  I would say from the start I was committed to the idea of a story about the SUMBA people in Indonesia. I wanted to explore the shapes and designs, specifically of their jewelry which I interpreted throught the headdress of the woman on the left. Exploring the geometric styles of Sergio Toppi I found a composition I was comfortable with with the diamond shape and white circle. I wanted to create some interaction between the two figures(one close up with detail and the other in distance and full view). Color wise it was integral that I used red to give a suspenseful feel to the story. Blood spatter resonates with people naturally as danger.

                                  STun_FantasticAventures_Sketch01:  I wanted to explore shape once again with this but I wasn't sure if the main figure being central would be received well. I was actually very interested in this design but decided to be safe and consider a different composition. *The spears would signify the danger and the suspense and the central figure would be symbolic of power, mystery, innocence.
 STun_FantasticAdventures_Sketch02:  This was the sketch I had the most fun with. It came about as an exploration away from centralizing the main figure. And also removing just one character but adding other elements that had visual significance. This was what I would like to finalize.
 STun_WeirdTales_Sketch01:  I was really drawn to this idea initially. I wanted to incorporate a stylized "paintbrush" element into it. To create dynamic movement, to bring greater focus to the danger that we're anticipating for these figures playing on the tree. I wanted to express the element of "Good & Evil" with color. I'm not convinced of my own idea. :(
STun_WeirdTales_Sketch02:  Again exploring the idea of a evil being hidden in a tree was the idea I was going for. Trees in many cultures are seen as a blessing and worshipped. I just wanted to play off the looming danger. I became progressively less interested as I continued to work on this.

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Sci-Fi Cover Sketches - Lee Bowen

Sorry these are just pictures, but the tech center was closed so I couldn't use the scanner. They're all color pencil and watercolor except for the final sketch. Each one approaches the idea of Egypt-themed sci-fi in different ways.
The God Egg. A time traveler (I call her Ferrance) accidentally lands in ancient Egypt. Ferrance's ship is damaged so she needs to stay a while until she can fix it; meanwhile, the natives think she is some sort of new god who has just been born (falling out of the sky in an egg). She's able to communicate because of her head implants enabling her to learn newly encountered languages, and she ends up in a romance with the pharaoh's daughter.

This is the final pencil sketch with some really light gouache to note the colors.

Old Flame. I wanted to do the cheesiest possible sci-fi romance between a researcher and the pharaoh she accidentally brings back to life by activating one of his two magical amulets.

Rebirth of the Gods, in which modern-day Egyptologists accidentally discover a secret cult working to resurrect ancient Egyptian deities. The woman is pregnant with Anubis' child.

Sand and Sky. I really wanted to do a futuristic Egypt with lit up pyramids, floating cities, and cyborg Egyptian deities and guards. Here, a noble woman is escaping from the floating capitals into the poorer areas of the city. Guards behind her are searching for the amulet that she stole in order to stop a conspiracy among the nobility. Clothes are hanging to dry between buildings to show that the poorer areas of Egypt do not have as much access to technology as the capital cities do.

Matt Bogacki Scifi Cover Sketches

Top left: Sketch for Weird Tales. I was thinking about The Picture of Dorian Grey and it got me thinking of an idea about a narcissistic woman who sells her soul to the devil in order to always stay beautiful and the devil ends up tricking her and she begins to see herself having the face of a horrendous creature when ever she looks in the mirror showing her inner self.
Top right: Sketch for Fantastic. I was thinking about frogfish and how they use their tongue to trick fish into thinking it is food and then eating them. In this sketch I had an idea of humans discovering a small civilization on another planet that is actually a giant frogfish alien bating the humans to the planet so it can eat them.
Bottom left: Sketch for Weird Tales. I was thinking something along the lines of a cult of sorority girls who murder the jerky frat guys at their school.
Bottom right: Sketch for Fantastic. For this sketch I had the idea of this parallel universe where humans were pets to an alien race and this would be an ad for some sort of pet food.

I ended up going with the idea of humans being bated by a giant alien frogfish for the Fantastic magazine cover. I felt like it was the most interesting composition and I was also fond of the idea. Here I have the black and white sketch and the colors I was thinking of using for the final.

Ian Mitchell: sketches, final sketch

First sketch
Second sketch
Third sketch
Fourth sketch
Final sketch
Final sketch (in color)

Victoria Johsnton_Sci-fi cover

Weird Tales sketch #1: Inspired by the spider queen, Arachne.

Fantastic sketch #1: Inspired by an original character that is a space explorer.

Weird Tales sketch #2: Inspired by a pulp magazine cover. The idea of the original cover is the same but I made both the woman and animal alien.

Fantastic #2: Inspired by the animated movie "Fantastic Planet" (1973).

I'm still not sure which concept I want to proceed with. Feedback would be much appreciated!

Sci-Fi Sketches and Proposals - Nicole Rogers

Thumbnail #1: For Fantastic; So, for this idea, I imagine rows of frozen cryogenic chambers with a person in each one. The main character would be the one to find these rows of frozen people.
Thumbnail #2: For Weird Tales; In this, I wanted to portray danger or fear by using shadow. The cyborg girl is about to be worked on by the man who created her.

Thumbnail #3: One for Weird Tales; I wanted to portray a post apocalyptic setting, in which most of the air is polluted and dark.  The main character would be a woman with a face mask, and a man in a gas mask looming behind her, possibly assaulting her.
Thumbnail #4: Also for Fantastic; I wanted to play around with the idea of size. So, I decided to have a rather large alien, floating in space, holding a smaller person in a space suit.
Final concept! Colored pencils and graphite used.
I decided to go with the cry chamber idea! I plan on using various shades of blue, gray, and silver to give the feeling of frozen space.

Sci-Fi Cover: Sketches, and Cover Proposal -- Jenay Crispyn

first colored sketch proposal for Weird Tales. I envisioned a weird turtle/snake/reptilian hybrid, He's having a lot of trouble with his computer. He doesn't understand that you have to plug the monitor into the computer for it to work so he only the monitor. Material was colored pencil!

Colored sketch idea for Weird Tales, I envisioned something of a mermaid sitting upon rocks, maybe they use their charm and beauty to lure in sailors and inevitably eat them. Material was colored pencil!

Fantastic Adventures color idea, my idea dealt with a possibility of a shaman trying to either banish ghosts or summon them. Either way I wanted their to be a lot of action! Material was colored pencil.
Fantastic Adventures cover idea, giant galactic space monster inevitably destine to crush all known planets with life on them. I added in a space craft flying away from the figures hands, symbolizing a possible escape! Material was colored pencil.

Final Proposal for my Weird Tales cover! Went with the evil mermaid/fish babe idea. Materials used were gouache and ink.