Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Sci-Fi Sketches and Proposals - Nicole Rogers

Thumbnail #1: For Fantastic; So, for this idea, I imagine rows of frozen cryogenic chambers with a person in each one. The main character would be the one to find these rows of frozen people.
Thumbnail #2: For Weird Tales; In this, I wanted to portray danger or fear by using shadow. The cyborg girl is about to be worked on by the man who created her.

Thumbnail #3: One for Weird Tales; I wanted to portray a post apocalyptic setting, in which most of the air is polluted and dark.  The main character would be a woman with a face mask, and a man in a gas mask looming behind her, possibly assaulting her.
Thumbnail #4: Also for Fantastic; I wanted to play around with the idea of size. So, I decided to have a rather large alien, floating in space, holding a smaller person in a space suit.
Final concept! Colored pencils and graphite used.
I decided to go with the cry chamber idea! I plan on using various shades of blue, gray, and silver to give the feeling of frozen space.

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