Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Sci-Fi Cover: Sketches, and Cover Proposal -- Jenay Crispyn

first colored sketch proposal for Weird Tales. I envisioned a weird turtle/snake/reptilian hybrid, He's having a lot of trouble with his computer. He doesn't understand that you have to plug the monitor into the computer for it to work so he only the monitor. Material was colored pencil!

Colored sketch idea for Weird Tales, I envisioned something of a mermaid sitting upon rocks, maybe they use their charm and beauty to lure in sailors and inevitably eat them. Material was colored pencil!

Fantastic Adventures color idea, my idea dealt with a possibility of a shaman trying to either banish ghosts or summon them. Either way I wanted their to be a lot of action! Material was colored pencil.
Fantastic Adventures cover idea, giant galactic space monster inevitably destine to crush all known planets with life on them. I added in a space craft flying away from the figures hands, symbolizing a possible escape! Material was colored pencil.

Final Proposal for my Weird Tales cover! Went with the evil mermaid/fish babe idea. Materials used were gouache and ink.

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