Monday, January 25, 2016

Crina Magalio Sci-Fi Cover- Sketches + Proposals

Sci-Fi Cover- Sketches + Proposals-Crina Magalio

 Thumbnails and 4 colored rough sketches 

 Fantastic cover designs 1 and 2 and extra 3rd  

Story: crab/crustacean alien breaking out of test tube while human guard is on duty. Experiment breaking out. 23rd century on a space station base. 

Story: Two humans in robot suits/machines capturing an alien specimen. Threatening to young specimens. Man versus nature. Nature being threatened by man. Opposite to usual creature attacking humans.

Story: (the color sketch with Fantastic) Man with jetpack flying above two-headed mister with a shield. Protecting himself.

Weird Tales cover designs 1 and 2

Story: Crab like creature front the deep attacking a swimmer. Similar to Jaws. The crab like species wants to rid their seas of the humans (who keep polluting the ocean). 

Story: A young girl ventures into a cave to fight a serpent creature. The serpent was an escaped experiment. The girl is tying to destroy it so it doesn't kill anyone else. The serpent design has an animal skull and wires and tubes poking out of it's back along with a ribcage. The girl's outfit inspired by viking/mining gear. The time period is in distant future, possibly a post apocalyptic world. 

Rough sketch: colored pencil

Final Sketch/guache colored rough draft

Testing out gauche colors. Using blue for the metal/silver wires and tubes on the serpent. Using red and yellow for a heroic color scheme for the girl.

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