Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Matt Bogacki Scifi Cover Sketches

Top left: Sketch for Weird Tales. I was thinking about The Picture of Dorian Grey and it got me thinking of an idea about a narcissistic woman who sells her soul to the devil in order to always stay beautiful and the devil ends up tricking her and she begins to see herself having the face of a horrendous creature when ever she looks in the mirror showing her inner self.
Top right: Sketch for Fantastic. I was thinking about frogfish and how they use their tongue to trick fish into thinking it is food and then eating them. In this sketch I had an idea of humans discovering a small civilization on another planet that is actually a giant frogfish alien bating the humans to the planet so it can eat them.
Bottom left: Sketch for Weird Tales. I was thinking something along the lines of a cult of sorority girls who murder the jerky frat guys at their school.
Bottom right: Sketch for Fantastic. For this sketch I had the idea of this parallel universe where humans were pets to an alien race and this would be an ad for some sort of pet food.

I ended up going with the idea of humans being bated by a giant alien frogfish for the Fantastic magazine cover. I felt like it was the most interesting composition and I was also fond of the idea. Here I have the black and white sketch and the colors I was thinking of using for the final.

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