Wednesday, January 27, 2016


STun_FANTASTICADVENTURES:  I would say from the start I was committed to the idea of a story about the SUMBA people in Indonesia. I wanted to explore the shapes and designs, specifically of their jewelry which I interpreted throught the headdress of the woman on the left. Exploring the geometric styles of Sergio Toppi I found a composition I was comfortable with with the diamond shape and white circle. I wanted to create some interaction between the two figures(one close up with detail and the other in distance and full view). Color wise it was integral that I used red to give a suspenseful feel to the story. Blood spatter resonates with people naturally as danger.

                                  STun_FantasticAventures_Sketch01:  I wanted to explore shape once again with this but I wasn't sure if the main figure being central would be received well. I was actually very interested in this design but decided to be safe and consider a different composition. *The spears would signify the danger and the suspense and the central figure would be symbolic of power, mystery, innocence.
 STun_FantasticAdventures_Sketch02:  This was the sketch I had the most fun with. It came about as an exploration away from centralizing the main figure. And also removing just one character but adding other elements that had visual significance. This was what I would like to finalize.
 STun_WeirdTales_Sketch01:  I was really drawn to this idea initially. I wanted to incorporate a stylized "paintbrush" element into it. To create dynamic movement, to bring greater focus to the danger that we're anticipating for these figures playing on the tree. I wanted to express the element of "Good & Evil" with color. I'm not convinced of my own idea. :(
STun_WeirdTales_Sketch02:  Again exploring the idea of a evil being hidden in a tree was the idea I was going for. Trees in many cultures are seen as a blessing and worshipped. I just wanted to play off the looming danger. I became progressively less interested as I continued to work on this.

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