Sunday, October 23, 2016

Serena Jiang- Fall Break Comic Journalism

    During the fall break, I want to the Six Flags. The Hallowing is coming 
so the decoration in the park is scared. The park open on twelve o'clock and 
there are lots of people stay outside and wait for opening. This is my first 
time went to a roller coaster theme park and I really enjoy this trip.

  When we first came in the park, there are lots of  projects which are no
very scary. I love the Alice mad's cup. It reminds me of my first time went to 
Disney with my parents. I used to go to amusement park with my parents but
after I grow up, I felt I have less chance to go with them. After this we played 
almost every projects in this area. It's lots of fun and we laughed a lot.

     We want to but these molecule ice cream once we went into the park, but
they closed and said open at two o'clock. It's wired that all the restaurants in 
the park are all open after two o'clock. Eventually, we got these tidy and cute 
ice cream. There are lots of favor and also have holiday special favor which 
is Pumpkin and Chocolate chip. I want to get the rainbow but they sold out,
so I got the Birthday cake which is really delicious. I love these kind of ice
cream because they tasted cooler than eat other ice cream and they looks 

     We played lots of roll coaster and I love the wooden one most because it 
looks old and grans sight. Me and my friends are surprised about this one 
and we don't know how they made this because it builded only by wood 
and it's tall, and complex. The speed of this wooden roll coaster is not very
quickly so I relaxed and enjoy the wind a lot. 

    After six o'clock, we hear the news about the ghost will come out. I do
not like ghost and I felt sacred. We imagine a lot about how they looks like,
but when we saw them, they are all joker. We all don't like joker and felt 
scared. There are lots of new recently about the joker scared people in 
different states. We just want to leave the park quickly.

    All the park are full off the smoke and made the environment more nervous.
Once we saw the clown we just run but the clown love to chase the people who
feel scared and run. So we were being chase for a long time and the clown even
touch us. Anyway, we run out the park and went back. This experiences is really
nice. I relax a lot and have a chance to play with my friends. 


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