Sunday, October 2, 2016

Eleanor Kim - Hansel and Gretel's Littering (Waste Management) Sketches

The story:
Once, they have found chests full of pearls and diamonds, Hansel and Gretel became very spoiled and wealthy children. Their father owned a lucrative toy and industrial factory. They lived in a grand chateau with a crowd of maids and butlers to attend to all their needs. Never was there a lack of food – the family held feasts every night and Hansel and Gretel were great eaters.
As a change of routine, Hansel, Gretel, and their father went out in the neighboring woods for a picnic. Hansel and Gretel could not wait to eat - so they started taking food from the basket and ate while they walked, littering the path with plastics, wrappers, and trash. The animals complained about how they were ruining their home, which alerted the dead witch’s spirit of the woods.
The next day, Gretel remembered that she had brought her teddy bear on their last picnic outing, and she had lost it. Hansel and Gretel went out into the woods to search for it, but they got lost in the litter and forest. They came across a large landfill pile and heard a voice cry for help. They ran over and were startled to meet the dead witch’s spirit of the woods.
The witch ordered them to clean up the trash or else she will haunt them for the rest of their lives.
When all the trash was properly disposed of and recycled, the witch thanked them and happily drifted away. Gretel finally found her teddy bear, and the forest animals helped the two children back home.

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