Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Mask - Evee Erb

this is the mold that I made out of clay. After sculpting it, I covered it with several layers of paper maché. 

My mask was inspired by traditional Balinese masks, which are all very scary/creepy looking but are beautiful and very detailed. My design initially started out as a deer, but as I continued to make the mask it sort of transformed into a bat form, which I think is fitting because just like these masks, bats are creepy yet beautiful. I then began to think about a character who lived as a bird by day, and then transformed into a bat at sunset. Its difficult to see in the photos, but there are feathers painted on the jawline of the mask. I was thinking that just as birds are analogous to the daytime, bats are analogous to the nighttime, yet are not considered to be as graceful or majestic as birds even though they support a large portion of our ecosystem.

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