Saturday, April 27, 2013

Mask - 3 -

Many thanks to International Illustrator/Comic creator Olivier Tallec for his presence and his presentation at MICA, April 25th 2013.
And lots of thanks for all the beautiful work done by
  Luis Arboleda, Autumn Bartels, Stephanie Briscoe, Sarah Sioux, Julia Coccia, Evee Arb, Audrey Estok, Kaiqi Gao, Melissa Hcker, Chanmi Jun, Joy Kim, Allison Mackey, Acacia Matheson, Conoor Rensimer, Lauren Sessa, Yehee Shin, Harriet Sussman and Anne Wilsey,  
 along this Spring'13 semester!
Le monde de l'Illustration a encore un bel avenir devant lui!

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