Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Scheherazade Sketch - Evee Erb

Scheherazade was the legendary Persian queen, main character, and storyteller of One Thousand and One Nights. According to the story, the king would marry a new virgin ever day and send yesterday's virgin bride to be beheaded. Scheherazade was well educated and had studied science, poetry, and the stories and legends of different cultures. She volunteered to spend a night with the King, who accepted. That night, she told him a story, and he listened to her all through the night until after dawn the next day, at which point Scheherazade had still not finished her story. The king agreed to spare her life for one more night so that he may hear the rest of the story. As Scheherazade finished her story, the king asked her to begin a new one, which she once again needed several days to tell. The king kept Scheherazade alive for one thousand and one nights, until she claimed that she had no more stories left to tell. Having become wiser from hearing all of Scheherazade's stories, the king spared her life and took her as his queen...

For this piece, I either want to use a combination of watercolor, colored pencil, and perhaps conte. My color palette will consist of blues, browns, and light yellow tones, perhaps with little pops of green and red on the ornamentation on the wall...

(also I know that the perspective on the table is wrong. I've fixed it, but my camera ran out of charge so I don't have a more recent photo to upload...)

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