Wednesday, February 27, 2013

I researched on Josephine Baker, who is known as "Black Pearl", "Black Pearl", or "Creole Goddess" because of her "barely-there" dresses and "no-holds-barred" dance routines. She was a dancer, actress, and performer, and was born in St. Louis, Missouri. Her bold performance brought her to success in New York, and later in Paris 1920s. She performed not only for entertainment, but also served as a spy during World War II for the French Resistance. She adopted children with different ethnicities and religions, and had three marriages in her life.

I was inspired by Josephine Baker 's dance moves and her bananas skirt. I am thinking of making a very short stop-motion animation(16-20 seconds, or even shorter?), inspired by her dance moves:
Instead of pencils, I am thinking just using gouache or watercolor might work better. I am using tracing papers and thinking of scanning them, and work on photoshop....!

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