Thursday, February 14, 2013

Belgium research & sketches: Melissa Hecker

   I was really intrigued by the work of Rene Margritte and Leon Spilliaert. Margritte was a Belgian surrealist painter who used themes of ordinary objects in an unusual context.
   Here are some rough sketches of their work that I emulated. I would like to work with the aesthetic of architecture juxtaposed with landscape. This has been a common theme in some of my previous work.  I would like to experiment with different compositions of negative and positive space through the use of monochromatic tones.
   For the content of my illustration, I am mostly interested in authentic Belgian architecture, specifically from Brussels. Here are some images of buildings that I referenced. 

Also it is interesting to see the changes in Belgian architecture throughout the centuries. This is a good website I found that lists images of buildings starting with the Romanesque era and ending with current 21st century buildings.

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