Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Conversations with Earth Assignment Research

In the village of Kumik, in a remote Himalayan valley of northwest India known as Zanskar Located at the bottom of a melting glacier, effects from global warming and greenhouse gases have began to destroy the environment, forcing the people to migrate from their ancient village.

Cultural Effects: Disrupted habitat, food, population displaced
Livelihood of People: Sustenance agricultural, pastoral
Crisis Condition: Disappearance of habitat
Ecosystem: Mountains

Strong thousand-year-old Himalayan culture prominent in Kumik.
-       Himalayan textiles
-       Hand –made, dyed patterned colorful patterns fabrics
-       Prominent colors: Dark greens, browns, reds, yellows, earth tones

Wallpaper/wrapping paper
-       Graphic depiction of Himalayan landscape
-       Use of Himalayan textile designs eating away at surroundings to act as the deterioration from the melting glacier

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