Thursday, March 14, 2013

Conversations about the Earth: Peruvian/Mother Nature

Quechua people

Subsistance agriculture,Gathering,
Seasonal disruption,Unusual precipitation (rain, snow, hail),Extreme heat
Food,Destruction sacred sites,Disrupted ceremony

Quechuas (also Runakuna, Kichwas, and Ingas) is the collective term
for several indigenous ethnic groups in South America who speak a
Quechua language (Southern Quechua mainly), belonging to several
ethnic groups in South America, especially in Peru, Ecuador, Bolivia,
Chile, Colombia and Argentina.

They have an interesting and very strong outlook on mother nature
which I find to be very interesting. I want to base my project off of
their beliefs on mother nature by illustrating how they love and are
thankful of mother nature.

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