Monday, April 11, 2016

Sue Tun - FINAL_JLadan

I really enjoyed the photographs of Jane's work. I felt a strong connection to the organic nature of the design of each piece. The way each piece drapes and wraps around the woman wearing it, it reminds me of the natural sensual beauty of the individual. I chose this design with a lot of white space to create a clean focus framing the watercolor painting of my "Jane w/Jewelry" interpretation. I chose watercolor in homage to Jane's "oceanic" style. Ultimately her work has inspired me to marry classical and modern styles in a cohesive way yet as not to lose the hand made signature of Jane's work.

V.1 I went with two very classical fontypes. This time I decided to go with a serif for the title and sans serif for the quote. There is something classically beautiful and feminine about Jane's work although it is modern and abstract. I wanted a contrast of classic and modern but to compliment the overall feminine aesthetic. I placed the quote in the bottom right to make use of the negative space there.
Font types: Fayon Pro, Mr Eaves

V.2 I went with a heavy geometric font type. Darker color/bottom heavy reminiscent of vintage Italian/European poster ads from 50's - 70's. This design is meant to be read from afar and draw the viewer closer so they can discover the quote.
Font types: Futura, Eureka OT

V.3 I wanted to experiment with a asymmetrical placement of the type. The sans serif typeface, Fayon Pro, which I used for the quote is classic yet stylized and feminine. Both type faces are modern and clean and are not meant to take away from the main image.
 Font types: Helvetica Neue, Fayon Pro
V.4 I wanted to provide another asymmetrical option that gave a more modern feel. The heavy weight of "Jane Ladan" and the light weight of the quote are meant to mimic and compliment the asymmetry of the painting. Font Types: Futura, Mrs.Eaves OT

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