Saturday, January 21, 2012

Boxing assignment.

"Championze" by Eddy Vaccaro and Aurelien Decoudray. Published by Futuropolis.

  "L'Enrage", by Baru. Published by Dupuis.
"Drawn in strikingly bold and aggressively heavy pencils, and fleshed out with jagged watercolors, "L'Enrage" tells the tale of Anton Witkowski, a Polish boxer living in the French suburbs. Alienated from his father, and from society in general, he sets his mind on becoming the world champion because he is good with his fists and craves money. He is an arrogant athlete caught up in an uncaring and corrupt world, and he fights with bitterness and, as the title suggests, a great deal of rage". Bart Beaty Reviews. For more information.

Poster made by Italian Comic Creator and illustrator Igort
Fantasgraphic Books published some of his graphic novels.

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